We are excited to get ready for our next litter.   We expect to know more as we get closer to fall..  Stand By..  !!


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Romans 23-24

We have over the years enjoyed and loved our horseback riding along with the companionship of the dogs on the trail. As our trial riding days have concluded ( See our trail ride history below) we will continue to offer quality puppies.  The Aussie /Collie mix brings the best of two top breeds to our farm. The working and herding quality of the Collie and the train-ability and endurance of the Australian shepherd. Both breeds are dedicated family dogs the combination of the two produces a healthy and vibrant canine.  Of course for our family they are way more then just canines, they are part of the family. We have established some great friendships with those that have adopted our puppies,  many that we still keep in touch with over social media.  But I will let our reviews speak for themselves, please take some time to read our Customer Feedback page.

  • All Puppies are Veterinarian checked (paperwork included with each puppy)
  • Full 6 & 8 Week Vaccinations
  • Full 6 & 8 week worming (for tape, whip, hook and round worm's)
  • Both Parents on site
  • NEVER kenneled or caged
  • Vet Contact information included
  • Grain Free Diet
  • Regular Socialization

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Our Trail Ride History.

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