I sent you an update on Gunnar a few days ago but I’m not sure if you got it.  Gunnar is doing fabulous! He’s so large now (67lbs) I keep forgetting he’s still a puppy! We are currently taking puppy training classes and Gunnar loves it, his little nub wags the whole time we’re there. My cat still hates him and he always has little scratches on his nose but he still loves her and tries to play, the ‘leave it’ command is really hard for him haha but he’s trying. I try to have him meet a new person and/or dog everyday and he loves everyone and everything. I take him with me everywhere and we go on tons of walks and go on puppy play dates with friends! I also made him his own Instagram account and ended up finding his half brother Remus! So, when I’m home from school we’re going to meet up so they can play, so exciting! They both have Dozers face so I knew right away he was related to Gunnar. 
 I love him so much and don’t know what I would do without him, he constantly makes me laugh and we have so much fun together. I always tell people he’s been the best puppy and he really has been. Thank you guys so much for allowing me to adopt him!! I have attached a few pictures of him. 
I hope all is well,
Katelyn and Gunnar  :  Nov 2017


We purchased 2 brothers from Jamey and Jeniece. The whole experience has been a super one for my mom and I. The dogs personalities and traits are through the roof phenomenal. This couple's attentiveness to excellence is bar none. With great families come great dogs. Here is a few pictures of our two. HOSS and Scooter. Half brothers and never seperated. Hoss is the red merle, Scooter is the blue merle. Enjoy our pictures thanks.

Kellie  : Sept. 2017

Here is what people are saying about the experience....

The following are some emails we have received regarding the experience people have had in their puppy adoption journey with us and our dogs. 

Thank you, Jamey & Jeniece.

Ollie has been such an amazing addition to our family.   She’s more beautiful, both inside and out, each passing day.  Her spunky personality is starting to shine through and we love how she can hold her own!  We can’t thank you enough for the effort you put into taking care of the puppies for the first couple months.  We could tell the second we met her that she was full of love and confidence, and that says a lot about how you raised her.  Also, Thank you so much for holding onto her that extra week for us, it was such a big help.  (Plus we all know she was spoiled that week!)  She’s a smart pup and is learning fast.  We are looking forward to many more adventures with her.  :  Maggie:  Feb. 2018


This dog is the best dog I have even had in my family. He is the perfect best friend, hiking partner, protector and best of all cuddler! He fits me perfectly and I don’t know what I would do without him. He is so smart and learned everything with ease! If anyone is even thinking about getting a dog this is the perfect mix and came from the perfect family! I have no problems with abu and cannot wait to adopt another dog from Jeniece in the following years. By far the best decision I have made when choosing an animal to add to the family!!!

Kylie   :  Sept 2017

I got your email about wanting feedback/an update.

I’ve been meaning to email for so long! Remus has been such a good fit in our family. He is smart, and willing to try most anything I ask of him! He was house trained in a few weeks even amongst the chaos of moving. He knows sit, down, roll over (not his favorite trick haha), sit pretty, and is learning bow. He also has a solid recall! I can take him off leash most anywhere, and even when something catches his attention he will come. We’ve even had our husky make one of her escapes with him following her, and he stopped from a dead run and came to me!
He is so good with the kids too! He occasionally gets a tiny rambunctious, but that’s due to age! A mild verbal correction from me, and he reigns it in.  I know I am rambling, but he has been such an amazing dog. He blows me away every day with his temperament and willingness to please. He is energetic without being overwhelming. He’s such a good balance in temperament, and I would recommend your pups to anyone!
Thank you again! He is such a great addition to the family.

-Amy  Nov 2017

Jeniece, I tell people about you guys and how lovingly raised our puppy was.  The real caring effort you put into them all, with the vet visits, the potty training, getting her used to her collar, the toy we left with you so she'd have the scent of her family with her.  All so beautifully done.   She came to us ready for our family, since she'd been so well-loved in yours.  Your farm so well tended and clean.  The chickens and horses and children around for a great puppy life.Type your paragraph here.

.  I loved it that you knew each puppy and their personalities and quirks.  I have people ask me where Salish came from, perhaps wanting one - and I eagerly tell them about you guys.  I emphasize the great start she got with you.  And generally how wonderful you and Jayme are. Her breeding from such wonderful dogs shows in her clearly.

You made purchase easy and sent us home with food and all her paperwork.  Our vet was impressed!  It was a pleasure to meet you both and to get our Salish from you.  You made the process smooth, and your follow-up emails and reminders for vaccinations have been appreciated.  

Diane :  Sept 2017