The following is a list of any feedback email we have received, good- neutral - bad.  The one thing we ask EVERY customer is to Please send us feedback about what they thought about their experience.  We then put EVERY email on this page..  the following is every feedback email received since January 2009.  
Thank you, Jamey & Jeniece.Type your paragraph here.

It is with a sad hearts that we have decided that 2017will be our Final Season as Open Air Trail Rides - Horseback riding. We can tell you that this decision has not come easy but has come as a result of much prayer and talking together.

Since 2008 when we started offering rides our desire and prayer has always been that God would use us and what we have to bless others and provide some opportunity to share the Greatness of God with folks along the way. Over the years we have NEVER  felt like we have ever had 1 customer, instead we had had the privilege of feeling like every person we have ever met, left here as friends. Some of those friendships continue to this day and will for years to come.

This past year (2016) we experienced the loss of Lakota, our big gentle giant.  This was devastating to us personally and to several of our repeat friends that also loved him.  Lakota was the heart of our heard and the backbone of our riding. He could take anyone from 6 - 60, at the time of his loss I knew there would be a decision to make. Either find and take on new horses or make the decision to shut down. I opted to not make an emotional one at the time but to wait until spring and provide plenty of time for prayer and thought.  It is our decision that the time has come to "hang up the hat" so to say and  2017 will be our final season offering rides.  We will continue to work with and offer our great trails dogs puppies as God permits us to. 

Thank you and God Bless
Jamey & Jeniece

I've been looking for a place to ride for ages, and wasn't able to find one that allowed you to do more than just walk in a line on a flat trail... Until now! This place is amazing! Jamey and Jeniece did a great job teaching us about horsemanship and getting us comfortable on their well-trained horses. After saddling and tacking our own horses, we were off and galloping 10 minutes into the ~3 hour ride! The trails are beautiful and when you book, there are no other people on your trip except your party, Jamey, and Jeniece. At the end of the ride, they showed us around their property and we got to play with a new litter of puppies they recently got amongst many other animals. Look no further, fellow horse lovers! Check it out and you won't be disappointed! We will definitely be back!

Sara L.  09/2015


Hey there!!! Jazmine and I just wanted to come and drop a review for the awesome experience we had today with you as our guides! It was so much fun and we enjoyed ourselves immensely!! The entire experience from the moment we got there until the moment we left was dedicated to us haveing the time of our lives!! Thanks again! You will definitely be seeing us again... very soon!!! :) Tell Sid I say hi! :)
 - Cheyenne & jasmine  09/2015

Thanks so much, both of you! Mimi has not stopped telling her friends about our ride on Saturday, playing with your puppies, and of course Gracie. It was really a great experience and well worth the price for the unique personalized attention we were given. We will be back with Mimi's mom who loves horses also!
Thanks again,
Gavin & Mimi 08/2015

I have never been horseback riding, but I don't think I could've asked for a better first time. Jamey and Jeniece go the extra mile to accommodate their guests based upon their skill and comfort level. Having never ridden a horse before, it was a little scary once I was on the horse, but by the end of the day I could transition from a trot to a smooth gallup to a full-on run
Shirley C May - 2015


Amazing experience. Jamey and his wife really go the extra mile to make everyone comfortable.  They took the time to get my wife and I on the right horse and get everything fitted perfectly.  The ride itself was not rushed at all and a lot longer than most places offer.  We got to go through a great trail with interesting terrain, and even got to run many times.

We will definitely visit again!  May 2015


I can't speak highly enough about this business and the experience we had.  I came across Jamey & Jeniece's business here on Yelp and am SO glad we spent this last Saturday with them.  The experience was better than we could have imagined it would have been.  They were SO knowledgable about their horses and which ones would suite us each the best.  Beyond that, they really care about their horses, you can tell they're treated wonderfully and as an animal lover that was huge to me.  I'm a total novice and if you told me at the beginning of the day that I would feel comfortable on a horse running at full speed I never would have believed you.  Jamey was great about giving us enough guidance and instruction to feel comfortable but about a million times more freedom to actually ride a horse than you'll get anywhere else.  We crossed a lake, had a picnic lunch, explored all sorts of trails on horseback, RAN, and couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day.  I would give them a ten star rating if I could.

Amanda 03-09-2015



Let me just begin by stating it was the best experience of my life. It was more than anything you could ever imagine for an experience with a horse.  It was very personable from the get go. Jamey and Jenience are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to get to work beside. You will get the whole experience with them; you will feel like you are a part of the team with them. Never did I feel out of place or uncomfortable when I was with them, I was never afraid to say I was nervous or that my saddle straps needed to be adjusted. Jamey and his wonderful wife Jenience went above and beyond for me and my husband. I will be back soon to ride Sid, undoubtedly the best birthday I have ever had.  Thank you so much Jamey and Jenience.
    Nichole & Kyle (Feb. 2015)


"Some friends and I were planning to go horseback riding for someone’s birthday. It was kind of as last minute trip and her husband was able to find someone that would take us. Luckily Jamie and his wife Janice were able to accommodate our request. Nobody in our group was very experienced; in fact, there was one of us that had never ridden. We weren't really sure what our expectations were for the day when we arrived. There were thoughts of "are we actually going to get to ride the horses as much as we would like too? (Take them on trails, run them, etc.) Is it going to be awkward having some random person guide you on horseback (wouldn't it be so much more fun if we got to take the horses out alone?) I can tell you first hand that my concerns were immediately set to rest when we met our guide, Jamie, and his wife. They completely blew our expectations away. First, they took the time to personalize everything to us; the horses, saddles, the entire experience in general. You get to really bond with your horse for the first couple hours by brushing them, cleaning their shoes, saddling and bridling them. Then they take you around the pin for a little while until you feel comfortable. After that comes the FUN!!! You get to go out on some amazing trails! And not just "single line, walk behind the horse that's in front of you" I mean you really get to trail ride! You get to walk, run and explore with your horse! It's an amazing experience, amazing scenery and an amazing guide. I couldn't have asked for anything better. If you are looking to go experience a real horseback ride this is the place to be."
Michaela Feb. 2015


Dear Jamey
I am glad I ended up choosing to ride with you, I feel if I rode with another then I wouldn't have gotten the amazing experience you gave us. I could feel your genuine passion of riding and your desire to share it with others and it really added to the whole experience and made it more authentic. You and your wife were very friendly and I appreciated the hospitality in our visit. You both went above and beyond to take care of us and make sure we had a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout the day. I would and have already recommended you to my friends in the area and if I find myself looking to ride again and I'm in the area, I will be visiting again for sure.
With much appreciation,
Joseph and Meredith (Feb. 2015)


I love the fact that we got to build a connection with our horse by grooming them and saddling them before the ride. The ride was so much fun and being the first time ever riding a horse it was awesome. It's definitely something you have to experience for yourself.
Melissa August 2014


Hands downs the best riding experience of my life! It was absolutely thrilling and truly good for the soul.
Jamey and Janiece are the nicest people you could imagine. You can tell their horses are part of the family, very well taken care of and very well trained (while retaining tons of personality!). Our group consisted of one beginner, one intermediate and one experienced rider. Jamey worked marvelously with each of us and pushed us to become better riders, which we loved! We will never forget our time at Open Air and I'd even make a special trip out to Washington to ride with them again; it was truly that amazing of an experience.





The VERY BEST in trail riding. If you want to gallop and RUN on a horse, this is the place. No old-timer, slow, boring rides here! These guys are awesome and they'll totally take care of you. My girl friend and I came here last summer and boy did we feel like we got the VIP treatment! Just us two and the guide on the trail (never anyone else from another party) and our guide let us brush and saddle the horses ourselves and warm up in the ring before hitting the trail. We spent hours walking, trotting, galloping and RUNNING. It was so awesome. What other place does that? Nowhere. Our guide even acted as our personal photographer the WHOLE time. He kept our phones in his pocket and took pics and videos for us without complaint or hesitation. These guys are top notch. If you love horses and riding, you HAVE to go. We can't say enough great things about 'em.

Rachel Jan/2015


Jamey and Jeniece,
 A few weeks have passed, but our family still is looking back on their horseback riding experience with you and saying that it was a highlight of the summer. Brooke and our teen granddaughters all have high praise for the day. The trail was beautiful, the instruction precise and helpful, and everyone was pleased with their horses. Learning how to brush, clean the hooves, and saddle the horses was an essential part of getting to know the them. Each person felt like they had the right horse for them and had the guidance they needed to make the ride fun. You fulfilled our horse riding dreams and we want to do it again next year!
 All the best,
Susan Hamilton July 2014


Hi guys! Here's what I thought:
I had the BEST adventure with Jamey and Jeniece. I had so much fun that, looking in the mirror after, I found dirt piled in my smile lines because I could not stop smiling all day!  The Open Trail experience is something you can't find anywhere else. I bonded with my horse Lakoda, learned so much about horse care and riding, and pushed myself as a rider.  We were running and galloping like crazy through the most beautiful scenery, and Jamey and Jeniece are such great instructors and companions and put me completely at ease.  They also seemed like such a happy, loving couple :)  I'm bringing everyone I know back to experience Open Air!!
 Hope to see you two soon :)
 Krissti   July 2014


Jamey & Jeniece,
To describe the experience we had with your beautiful, well-trained and full-of-personality horses was simply, incredible. Sid was an absolute treat to ride (energetic, responsive and fast!) and Lakota (gentle giant, such a handsome boy!) was perfect for Josh who had never ridden before, and who walked away smiling from ear to ear. As someone who has ridden hundreds of times and has been on dozens of trail rides, your experience exceeds anything I've encountered previously. If you're looking for a full-on/full-access horsemanship, horse education and full-day riding adventure, look no further, Open Air Trail Rides will not disappoint!
From the start, you both were extremely welcoming, warm and hospitable - thank you for going above and beyond in providing us with an experience of a lifetime (and for commemorating the ride with great pictures!). You gave us the opportunity to experience beautiful trails, challenge ourselves on horseback while still remaining fully comfortable in the environment, and really entrench ourselves in the essence of what true Western riding is all about. For that, we can't thank you enough!
I'm so glad we found OATR and such a bonus that it's close to Seattle - there isn't anything else like it out there and you two deliver an amazing experience for anyone interested in horseback riding, from greenies to seasoned veterans.
Without a doubt, we will be back for multiple rides this summer and only look forward to more experiences with you, the doggies and your horses!
Thank you again, will be in touch :)
All the best,
Jessica & Joshua
July 2014


Jamey and Jeniece,
 Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!!  We/I had the best time ever!  Lisa and I both agreed, that while we have enjoyed riding at other places, all rides and any future rides will likely pale in comparison, to the experience we had with you.  From the moment we arrived, the two of your were kind, gracious and so welcoming to us.  I love that you took the time to talk to us about each horse, their history, their personalities, what to expect from each of them and how to best handle them while we were riding.  Your knowledge, experience and love for your all of your animal is evident and heartwarming. Never did I think we would have the opportunity to all out run the horses.  I thought for sure the previous posts on your website were from folks who did not ride and perhaps exaggerated a nice canter for an all-out run.  Boy, was I mistaken…  That was amazing!!  And Sid was an absolute gem!  He was responsive, well-mannered and FAST!  And thank goodness Jeniece warned me about his ability to stop on a dime.  She was not kidding.  He was great!  As were Lakota and Lena (I hope I got their names correct)
 As I’m sure you could tell, although we were dripping wet from head to toe and must have looked like complete idiots, I think we both had grins on our face from ear to ear.  We talked about our day all the way home, through dinner and I think we are both still beaming from the experience.  I can’t wait to tell everyone how much fun we had there and how great the both of your are.  Thank you so much for allowing us into your home to change even though we were a mess.  Your kindness, the warm towels and umbrella to the car…oh my gosh, icing on the cake!!!  Really you guys out did any experience we have ever had.  Amazing!!!  We will definitely share our experience and spread the word about your place.  And more than likely bring other friends with us when we come again.  Truly the best experience I have ever had!!!!!
 Thank you so much Jamey, for spending your birthday taking us for a ride.  So very kind of you to spend your day out in the rain, so that we could ride.  Thank you!
Leah (May 2014)


My friend and I were looking for a different place to ride as well as more time in the saddle than normal trail rides.  But this was no normal trail ride!  We had the most amazing ride ever, nothing we do after this will compare!  Neither of us have ever ran a horse before and we have to admit we were both a little nervous, but Jamey and Jeniece make you feel very comfortable and explain everything so well that after our first run on the horses we felt completely at ease and so very excited!  We spent most of the day at a run and it was the most amazing feeling ever!  We will definately be coming back very soon!!  Jamey was an excellent guide and even took us out on his birthday in the rain!!  Him and his wife Jeneice think of everything and make the experience so wonderful.  Jeneice even had warm towels for us when we got back so we could dry off and change clothes and then Jamey walked us to our car with an umbrella!  You can not beat service like that!!  Lisa May 3rd 2014!


This was one of the best experiences I've ever had.  Everything about it was perfect.  Jamey & Jeniece are such special people.  Spending the day with them was totally as rewarding as the experience itself.  Jamey gave us all the information we needed to know to prepare for each part of the experience, he got to know us and made sure he made it perfect!  My step-daughter Chloe is very spirited and outgoing and likes going fast.  Jamey suggested taking the extra time to switch saddles and horses between his wife and Chloe so that she could experience the ride of the mustang Gem. He also tells great stories and shares the experiences and blessings he has had sharing his horses with others.  Jamey's wife Jeniece is amazing!!  She is so kind, caring, laid back and has the best energy about her.  I enjoyed talking and sharing stories and experiences during the rides.  She also works with Jamey to make sure the experience is just right, they are a perfect team!  Now, the experience itself!!  Spending time prepping the horses and getting to know them made this the entire experience, not just show up and jump on.  We got to know the horses and they go to know us.  The ride was so much fun, running at top speed on those horses was invigorating and so freeing, just like it looks in the movies.  The scenery through the forest trails and the nature you are exposed to is perfect and peaceful.  We had so much fun and can’t wait to go back, a new tradition of building memories was started this day!  We’ll be back year after year.  Thank you Jamey & Jeniece for sharing this experience with us!!!!!
 Connie and Chloe, April 2014


My father and I had a great time. It was more than I could ever have hoped for. Anyone looking to ride for a day should go right here. The price was prefect . Worth every penny. Jamey and Jeniece are great people. I could not have imagined a better time to ask for one.
Marissa, April 2014


Hi J and J -- Growing up in the country with a pony of my own and friends with horses, coming home after school, grooming and hanging with Dart, maybe riding, maybe just leading him into the hills, exploring, finding the perfect shade, the perfect sun, the perfect
"right now," and coming home and knowing I could do it again.  That was an experience I thought my daughter could never have, times have changed, everything is smaller, more expensive, "safer."  All the love of horses and riding and grooving with horses I have tried to instill in her felt hemmed in, while at the same time being super beautiful and life-giving. And then today, she had the experience I had thought she could never have.  All the training she has received, the falling off, the being stepped on, bitten, kicked, accidentally and on purpose, all the horse time was completely transformed from something under control to something free and freeing. 

You both love your horses and "horseness" so much, you know what I mean.  I'm not sure anyone without your horse roots really can understand what you have given my daughter.  Thanks.
Andy (March 2014)


This was definitely an experience i did not expect and do not regret. i got there learned how to saddle and brush a horse in the 1st 20 minutes, then they gave me a few pointers on how to ride better, and how to make sure i was in charge of the horse. after that we went for the ride, i was kinda expecting the "run" to be maybe a slight trot for a short stretch, but i was very mistaken, we went for a very fun full gallop several times-basically felt like Legolas from Lord of the Rings-then we had lunch by one of the lakes around there and watched a bald eagle flying around, and a beaver swimming in the lake. then we actually took the horses in the lake apparently people do that!!!!) mine-Lacota-was splashing all over the place, a pretty unique experience i thought. All in all it was a very amazingly priced very exclusive adventure, with some very interesting fun to be around people, i would definitely recommend this for any person who wants a real horse riding experience.
Josh, April 2014

Here is my review: My wife and I had a fantastic experience at Open Air Rides. My wife is an experienced rider and I'm still learning but Jamey and Jeniece were extremely hospitable and went out of their way to ensure we would have the best experience possible. I really loved how we assisted getting the horses prepped for the ride and how much love and care they have for their horses. I've been on several trail rides but this was by far the best experience I've ever had. They didn't treat us like customers we actually felt like we were visiting old friends. The trails were beautiful and the horses were very friendly. We will definitely be back to ride again with them.
David  (March 2014)

I had the time of my life! I would recommend this to EVERYONE! Jamey & Jeniece are two amazing people, and their horses reflect the same image! Not only did they explain everything, but I got to brush the horses and pick their feet, plus they took pictures and video the whole time so I have a hard copy of this wonderful experience!  When we were on the horses we went through all different terrains, ate lunch by the river, rode through the lake, and full on ran through forest trails! This experience with Jamey & Jeniece and their horses was nothing more than perfect! I would drive from across the US just to ride with them! Thank you guys for making my vacation amazing! I will be back!
Sophia  (March 2014)

Dear Jeremy and Janice
I can't explain how much fun we had with you guys I can't wait to do it again I loved every minute of it and now my husband loves riding horses :)  I went there thinking o it's gonna be like every other place that u just end up walking every were and u don't get the full experience but o my good Ness we did everything! From going on trails though water up and down hill got to open up the horses to a full run and it was just absolutely amazing and the horses where amazing they had no problem what so ever  you guys give my husband and I the best day ever well the second best day the first was our son being born . I can't wait to come back out there :) thank you guys soooooo much
From: Scott & Patricia :) March 2014

My daughter and I were looking for a specific horseback riding experience. Jamey, our guide,  intuitively picked up on this desire. He was both safe, informative and allowed us to "really ride". It was a personal ride, specific, to our level of riding skills. Jamey has a connection to his horses that allows ease and comfort for the other riders. Jamey relates well to children and knows how to empower them to think about what they are doing and simultaneously foster the love of riding in them. We will definitely return!
Rachel Yantzer
Feb. 2014


    "When I told my husband, I thought it would be fun to go horseback riding he agreed but his one request was that it was real horseback riding and not just your typical sit on a horse, as they happen to walk a trail. Therefore, my search began and I found Open Air Trail Rides, just the name made it sound more exciting! I checked out their website and it was the real deal; you are able to do so much with the horse, even gallop! The owners, Jamey and Jeniece are so sweet and helpful. They knew everything about their horses and made us very comfortable. Since I’m not a very experienced they put me on Lakota and it was so fun! When we would ride at full speed, I could literally feel my smile growing! It was so much fun and I know my husband had a blast. It was also very nice because it was just the two of us since they like to keep it private, which is very courteous. They also took the time to take pictures and videos!  We will definitely be back and since they are open year round, we can schedule an appointment for any weekend! By the end of this experience, Lakota felt like my horse, it was like owning a horse for a day and I loved every minute of it! Thank you Open Air Trail Rides!"
 Take Care,
Dallas  (Sept. 2013)

Jamey and Jeniece,
The experience of horseback riding with your ranch.
 A carousal of horses to ride from Tennessee's to Arabian Mustangs.
The beautiful trail of moss-covered trees, pristine lake, and the smell of green earth.
Elvis the pig, ice cream-colored puppies, and a real cowboy next to his Dale Evans wife.
Take this ride because life is an adventure, and you do not want to miss this one!
 Lyle and Maria
Sept. 2013

Dear Jamey and Jeniece,
I can't begin to describe what an amazing experience we had riding with you! It was beyond anything we could have expected from the puppies, Elvis, stories of each of the horses (which is very meaningful to us) to the beautiful wilderness we were blessed to ride in.  It was a true pleasure meeting both of you and I am grateful that you are a part of my son's life.  Delight doesn't even come close to what I felt watching Blake ride and seeing Stasia filled with such joy.  Jeniece, your sweet laughter warms my heart even now and Jamey, what can I trusted us with your stunning horses and the trail and stories only added to one of the most wonderful days we have ever had. We would love to stay in touch.  Thank you again for giving Lyle and I an experience we won't soon forget!
God Bless,
Maria Hatcher
Sept. 2013

a testimonial to my experience:
 We all had such an awesome time today.  This was by far the best experience any of us have ever had when renting horses.  We all left the home place feeling comfortable and confident on our mounts.  Loved that so much care and concern was given to our safety and comfort level with our chosen mounts.  Jeniece was so much fun and such a bundle of happy energy.  And Jamey made sure to explain every step of the way what we were going to do next on the trail and what to expect around each bend.  This was the full meal deal complete with grooming and saddling your own mount and then walk, trot, canter and full out gallops on the trail - always with both the riders and the horses safety in mind.  Water crossings and riding through thick forest, narrow trails, wide bends and open meadows and surrounded by natural beauty.  This was an incredible experience that none of us will ever forget and we look forward to repeating again on a regular basis.
Kara Jeanne Hansen Sept. 2013

Thank you, Jamey and Jeniece, for sharing your horses and riding experience with two very beginning riders.  Galloping on a horse was on Steve’s bucket list of things to do before his “use-by date.”  You provided both of us with a positive and joyful experience we will talk about for years.  Your love for the animals was inspiring.  The extra pleasures were connecting with your dogs and puppies, and even Elvis, the pig.  So this wasn’t just a riding experience but a trip to a wonderful farm. 
We love you both for what you do, and the joy you gift to others (both two and four-legged). 
Peace –
Steve and Amy August 2013

Dear Jamey and Jeniece, 
I would like to extend a warm and very heartfelt THANK YOU for the amazing experience at Open Air Trail Rides!  I have been pretty apprehensive to ride horseback for a long time, but you folks were so informative and professional and personable.  You made something that I was fearful about and made into one of the BEST experiences of my life!  I can not thank you enough for the memories that I made that day.  You will DEFINITELY be seeing me again and you will always have my highest stamp of approval.
 Thank you so very much for everything!
 Romee Stephens - August 2013

Recently my two daughters and I went for a horseback ride with Open Air Trail Rides. We had a fantastic time. 
We had a range of experience levels between us and Jeniece did a great job matching the horses to our experience and personalities. I was amazed at the broad experience we were able to have from meeting the horses to prepping them with their saddles and bridles to the ride and finishing off with bathing the horses. The trails are amazing, beautiful and peaceful scenery.  Eating lunch by the lake was a nice pause to the first part of the ride.  And riding thru the lake was something I didn’t expect but so cool.  Jamey is great at making you feel comfortable with the horses and encouraging you to treat them like your own animal.  The horses are very well trained and easy to handle.  Even when we ended smack in the middle of a bees nest and the horses and us were getting stung he maintained control and kept everyone calm.  Turned out to be a great story to talk about (when the Benadryl wore offJ). I never thought I would get to ride like the wind and feel the freedom of galloping away on a horse again and I got to realize that dream.  It was amazing and I loved every minute of it.  It took me back to the days of having my own horses and that is a priceless experience for me. I can’t wait to book another ride with Open Air Trail Rides and share this experience with the other horse lovers in my life.
Thank you Jamey and Jeniece for a great time.  I can tell you love what you do and especially love those animals.
-Tania  - August2013

The ride was absolutely amazing! I've never had a good experience galloping, but Jamey was so awesome and reassuring! He kept pushing me to keep at it, and even switched my horse with my friends while we out on the trail so that I might have an easier gallop. It was a ton of fun! My best friend was really nervous, and scared of riding, but after getting to know the horses, and talking with Jamey and Jeniece for just a little bit, he was confident and feeling great! The horses were well trained, our guide Jamey was funny and down to earth, and was happy to take pictures and videos and more! Running was so amazing! I think my best friend and I are addicted, and we plan to go back again and again! You can't put a price on memories like this, and the price was more then reasonable for the amount of enjoyment we had! :) 
Kacie & Romee
August 2013

 We cannot say enough good things about Jamey and Jeniece. My boyfriend planned a surprise day long trail ride for me and two of our closest friends as my medical school graduation present. Having been an avid horseback rider and eventer growing up, he looked at every company in the Washington area and chose Open Air Trail Riding as they truly are the only company that lets you really gallop and let loose on their horses. When we arrived, I was ecstatic to be going riding for the first time in several years. Jamey and Jeniece carefully selected who would ride each horse based on experience level and personality. Once we had our horses assigned, it was wonderful that we each groomed our horses and put on their tack (with guidance as needed) allowing for a more complete experience of horse care. Jamey then took the time to explain how to ride, and gave tips on the nuances of each horse and the best way to ride each of them. I was incredibly impressed by how thorough he was, and how comfortable he made both of the guys (neither had any horse experience). 


Then we were off on a 4 hour joy ride.  We were able to gallop the horses, and Jamey really allows you to ride your horse as if it is your own. In addition, he is able to film the group galloping behind him, providing a unique video of the ride. This was the exact experience I had been wanting after several years of not riding. I was elated and we were all having such a blast! It was towards the end of the 4 hours that my life was changed. We had stopped near a lake and the three others had left to enjoy the scenery as Jamey had me help him tie up the horses. After much stalling, I was walking down the trail when Jamey pointed out a gift for me hanging from a tree. A simple note read "follow the rose petals". I followed the rose petals through a small trail and into a cleaning next to the lake, where my boyfriend was standing next to a table with flowers. To my complete surprise, he got down on one knee and proposed! It was absolutely perfect. Little did I know that Jamey had been following behind me and videotaped the whole proposal, while our two other friends were hiding and snapping photos. It turns out, my now fiancé had begun communicating with Jamey and Jenience months in advance to plan this surprise proposal.  The day prior to our ride, Jamey had taken the time to set up the table, chairs, and flowers in order to create the perfect setting. He and his wife truly went above and beyond to make this incredibly special day perfect. This involved many secret phone calls, emails, and last minute adjustments on Jamey's part. I will be forever grateful for Jamey and Jeniece's kindness and willingness to help make this life changing moment so wonderful.  In just one short day they became part of mine and my fiancé’s love story, and it truly could not have been more perfect. 
June 2013


 This place is amazing! I searched all over the internet for reputable trail riding places in Washington, and Open Air Trail Rides stood high and above the rest. They showed us how to take care of the horses and saddle them, which is something you probably won’t be able to do at any other trail riding place. Another thing that you won’t be able to do at most, if not all other trail riding places is take the horses into a full gallop. It was awesome to just take off down the trail in a full gallop, and they have a ton of places on the trail where they let you do it! Aspeople who are very inexperienced with horses, one of my friends and I were a little nervous about going to a place where you get to ride pretty much all day and even gallop, but Jamey and Jeniece were extremely accommodating from the very start. They talked to each of us to get to know our experience level and personality before picking the best horse for each of us. All of the horses were very good mannered and seemed to love going out on the trails.  The best part of this entire process from the first contact with Jamey and Jeniece until the end of the trail ride was how genuinely caring of people that Jamey and Jeniece are. I sent them an email a few months before the visit to let them know that I wanted to propose to my girlfriend while we were there since my girlfriend has always loved horses and grew up riding them. I got a call from them shortly after, and they were sincerely excited to help me plan out each little step, tell me where the best places were to propose, and even going to the spot we picked out before we arrived so that they could set up a table, two chairs, flowers, petals, and a note. They both did an awesome job of playing along and keeping my girlfriend in the dark about the whole thing, and I know it wouldn’t have gone so perfectly if they hadn’t shown such kindness and assistance. They both definitely went above and beyond what could have ever been expected of a trail riding company, and my new fiancé and I could not be more appreciative of that! Jamey was incredible and even filmed the proposal and will be mailing a DVD of the film to us soon. He also let us stop multiple times to take pictures and really enjoy the moment. I can’t imagine that day going any more smoothly, and Jamey and Jeniece were an enormous part of that.   My fiancé and I have told everyone we can about how they need to go and enjoy this amazing horseback riding experience. We will definitely be going back for more rides in the near future! Thank you again Jamey and Jeniece!
June 2013

 Hey Jamey and Jeniece,
We had such a fun time with ya'll.  We have told so many people about how much fun it was to go riding, and we can't wait to come do it again.  Here is a review you can post on your website: 

"What an awesome time!  My wife and I have very little riding experience, but by the end of the day we felt like we could ride with the best of 'em.  This is, by far, the best place around if you really want to go riding, and not just trot around for a few hours.  Although, if a leisurely walk is more your speed, Jamey and Jeniece are more than willing to accommodate your comfort level.  Jamey and Jeniece know everything there is about choosing and preparing the right horse for you, and they were wonderfully patient teachers in showing us how to groom and prepare our horses before and after the ride.  We will definitely be returning for another great riding adventure!"
Thanks again for the wonderful time!
Sincerely,James and Emily
June 2013

 Jamey and Janiece,
My name is Tyann Jones.  You two were gracious enough to allow us to spend time at your home with your beautiful beloved horses! :) We were there with my navy girl, Alexa a couple of weeks ago. I apologize that I am just now emailing you.  Life has been pretty crazy around here and Alexa has had medical problems,  so you know how that all goes.  I just want to tell you that what you do is very special.  I truly mean that! You made us feel like family in just one beautiful day!  You gave us the opportunity to know and remember what it was like to be apart of these amazing animals lives. I will forever be grateful for that! This day was definitely NOT like other horseback riding operations!  I LOVED being able to groom and love on these magnificent animals as if they were our own!:) on top of that, the incredible journey you took us on, on horse back was something we will never forget! Thank you so much for your hospitality and for sharing your horses with us!:) God blessed you two with beautiful land and animals!  I love that you enjoy sharing it with others! I know you are not in it for the money, but the love of your animals!  That makes it even sweeter! All rescued horses, it doesn't get any better then that! Thank you!
<3 Tyann, Jason, and Alexa <3
May 2013

BEST. RIDE. EVER. I've ridden many horses and gone on many trail rides to different places... But this was BY FAR the best ride I have ever been on. Being an experienced rider on those trails is amazing. I loved the fact that I got to choose my horse, groom/saddle the horse myself, and pick my pace. We had all the trails to ourselves and there's plenty to go around! The leaders /owners and horses were great! Everything was perfect and just how I've always imagined "real" western riding. I will definitely be coming back more often!!! No place better than this!
Love, Aneka Hausmann
April 2013

 Hello Jamey and Jeniece,
Sorry to take so long to get back to you! Below is our comments for the feedback page, thank you again so much for everything!
My boyfriend and I booked a Saturday ride here in late July, the weather was perfect and the Jamey and Jeniece were more than helpful, especially since my boyfriend had only been on a horse a couple times before.  The horses were great, responsive and in good shape and they were able to accommodate a beginner and someone whose ridden horses a lot. You can tell they spend a lot of time with them, the horses were very well trained and we both felt completely safe and at ease. The trails were lovely and its great for sightseeing, a nice break from the city.  We stopped and had lunch by a quiet lake and my boyfriend purposed! Not only did we have a great time but we ended the day engaged! They provide a professional and safe environment and we both hope to come back someday.  Thank you Jamey and Jeniece!
August 2012


We are so sorry it took so long to write you, but we had my sister for so long we couldn't find time until she was back on the plane to Michigan! We had such a great time on horseback ride that you took us on. We were completely exhausted by the time we were heading home. My sister said that the horseback ride was her favorite part of the trip.
For anyone who is interested in using Open Trail Rides, we highly recommend them. The experience is real and very personal, from beginning to end. Upon arrival Janience decides which horse will work best for each person because each horse has a personality just like we do. ( My family thought it was funny I was put on the sassy horse :-) We loved spending time with the horse we were riding before the ride and learning how to put the saddles, reins, and even inspecting the hooves/brushing them out. It is a great personal touch that makes the experience even better. After your saddled up, you get to start out with a gallop right away that makes an exciting start of the trip. The beginning portion or the first hour or so a mixture of galloping and walking through trails and water puddles, which is quite fun! We had a wonderful lunch in front of a lake that was nestled into the Cascade's; it is very beautiful. Our favorite part was the galloping towards the end of the trip! We actually get to take the horses through a lake and into some very REAL trails. On the way back, Jamey will allow those who are comfortable with it, to gallop back and it is a rush! The horse's were great. They listened well and seemed to love being out on the trails as much as we did.
If you decide you want to go a REAL trail ride this is the place for you!
Thank You Jamey and Janiece for helping to make my sisters trip so memorable!
Jill, Nick, and Kelsey
 August 2012

 Dear J & J ~ Thank you so much for the wonderful ride. My daughter has been wanting to ride with me for years. So for her 15th Birthday this year, I was lucky enough to find you guys!
I can't even begin to describe how incredible the ride, scenery, your expertise was. Thank you for treating us so kindly and for going way above and beyond what we expected out of a trail ride!
On the way home my daughter said, "This was the best day of my life!".
We will be back very soon!!
Angela & Solvae
July 2012


 Jamey & Jeniece,
My husband and I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful time. Our experience was fantastic and I was hoping to provide you with a testimonial about our day.
We got a chance to meet the horses prior to our ride so that we had a chance to find a good match for our personalities. Mine was Sassy and I think she was the perfect horse for me : ) For my husband’s first time on a horse he felt comfortable and at ease really quickly with his horse, Gem. We were able to actually spend some time brushing the horses and getting to know them prior to the ride which was really nice and helped my husband feel relaxed for his first ride. Once out on the trails I was really amazed at the beautiful scenery throughout the ride,when we stopped to look back, I was surprised at how far we had gone. I really loved  being able to run the horses through the trails, it was exhilarating! We even rode the horses through the water and stopped lakeside for a picnic lunch. Everything about our day was incredible, my husband couldn’t stop smiling and we both had a blast! This is not your average trail ride... this is a ride to remember! I’m sure we’ll be back in a few weeks. 


 My father has always wanted to ride on horseback, and his 70th birthday was a perfect opportunity to fulfill this wish of his.  He's not the most adventurous sort so I was curious how he'd respond to an authentic trail ride.  With Jamey and Janice's patient, careful tutelage I got the treat of seeing him whooping and hollering on the back of Lakoda at a full run.  I'm certain he felt the confidence to "go for it" because of our trail boss's extensive experience and professionalism.Jamey and Janice understand that their guests aren't looking just to hop on a horse and go, but to gain an appreciation for what it is to work and play with these impressive animals... and then they provide just that sort of unique opportunity.  I feel lucky to have met them and to have been invited into their world, and look forward to the chance to get back on Gem and do some more whoopin' and hollerin' of my own!
We had a blast.
August 2012




 Jamey & Jeniece, 
 Thanks so much, my niece and I had a FANTASTIC TIME! 

We loved being able to brush out and help prep the horses before our ride as well as getting some prep time on the horses before we headed out. You were very thorough when explaining what to expect and where to go; we could not have asked for a better experience and will DEFINITELY be back again soon. We will be passing your information along to friends and family. 
Thanks again
Sierra & Victoria :)
August 2012

 Thank you so much for such a wonderful day!  Your horses are beautiful, well behaved, and were exciting to ride. The trails you took is on through te woods were amazing!  I loved how you took my son with you to run the horses. He told me that this has been one of the best trips we have ever been on!  We recommend this to any visitor to the Washington area!  Enjoy, and hugs to Sid whoever rides him next!! 
Mary, Nate, & Josh
July 2012


Dearest Jamey and Janace,
I wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful experience we had riding this past Monday. Being an experienced rider you always have these ideas of a walk, trot in line for half an hour and pay $25. Riding at Open Air Trails far exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank you enough. My 7 year old daughter had a great time and my husband who came along to appease me had a blast himself, although he was a bit sore. For those who are looking to spend some time on the farm and play around with the critters this is the place for you.... they have horses, goats, dogs, and the best for last is Elvis a 40# pot bellied pig who loves to be petted and is very vocal in telling you how much he appreciates you taking the time out to visit with him. He stole my heart. The horses were great too. They got along together and worked well in a group. Jamey and Janice take extra time in the beginning to put you with the horse according to how much riding time you have had. they give you time also to get acquainted with the horse you will be riding before you head out to the trail. That was a story all in itself. I grew up on horses but havent had the oppurtinity to ride for many years. Jamey was very personal. I felt comfortable talking to him and he and I even got to gallop. What a treat for me. I love horses! Thank you for a wonderful day. I know you will be seeing us sooner than later.
May God bless you and keep you,
Cathy Reese

 Dear Jamey and Jeniece,
       Just dropping you a line to express our enthusiastic gratitude in regards to our trail ride with you last weekend.  It was excellent and just the adventure I needed, both relaxing and energizing all in one!  I have already added your enterprise to, and reviewed you, and all I can say is I wish I could have given you 10 starts, but seeing as 5 is the highest, I couldn't =)  Here is the review, and I expect you to post this email in your customer endorsements!

  "I've never meant a five star rating moreso than I do now, giving one to "Open Air Trail Rides." Located in Belfair, WA, this is an authentic, family-owned business that promises to provide a "real" horsemanship experience.   All their wonderful horses are family owned, cherished and well cared for, being family members themselves. =) If you love horses, know someone who does, or just want to try something new and outdoorsy, this is the best of the best. You will be trekking over one of the most gorgeous landscapes in the Northwest. Venturing fourth on noble steeds, you will eat lunch by a lake, take photographs, and maybe get splashed by some playful horses in flank deep waters.  Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned pro, Jamey and Jeniece (owners, lunch partners, teachers, saddle strap perfectionists, photographers, and tour guides) will accommodate you with an experience that will be comfortable and memorable.  My experience was nothing less than spectacular.  I have had the privilege of being able to ride most of my childhood and adult life, and, since my horses are in California with my parents (God Bless you Mom and Dad, when I become a professional yelp reviewer and make my millions, I'll pay you back for all that hay someday!), I was eager to get into the saddle again.  J & J introduced all of their horses to us, reviewed their history (and ours) and picked out our horses in accordance with our experience levels.  They educated us on handling horses, grooming, and specific riding technique.  As Jamey told me on the phone, this is no "walk up and down the beach Ocean Shores ride." Never has a trail ride been so intense, satisfying and peaceful.  These guys know the trail like the back of their hands. While they navigated through NorthWestern terrain, I had all the time in the world to enjoy the scenery, my horse, and the company.  In fact, the most difficult part about the whole day was trying to decide if I should pretend to be an Indian Princess or an Elven one.  After the ride was over (AND after meeting their other family members, horses, goats, dogs, alpacas, pigs) I was already planning my next trip in my head.  It was the best money I had spent all year (Might I add...WAY affordable for the experience and knowledge you'll get).  I came home relaxed and content.  I went to bed, calm and peaceful.  I woke up, sore, bruised and a little bow legged.  But I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!  Oh, wait, I'm already planning on it =)"
  Thanks again!  We'll see you soon, as I'm already looking forward to another trail ride!
  Desiree'  June 2012

 Hi Kelvin and I would like to  thank you both for such a memorable day.Kelvin had been saying that he wanted to go ride a horse. But not around in a circle.My husband brought home your card and told us about what he learned when he was at your place and Kelvin decided that was were he wanted to go. He earns $6.00 a week so it took him several months to get the money. The day was everything we had hoped it would be. We sat together to decide what to write. He said"We had a great time riding the horses. It was a good experience.I am saving my money to do it again.I really enjoyed running with Lakota. WE liked Dozer coming with us. The sights were beautiful." WE agree with every Email posted on your site. WE are both looking forward to returning. Next time his sister wants to come to. Thank you for providing an experience that was perfect for us both. Marily and Kelvin
June 16th, 2012

 I've never meant a five star rating moreso than I do now, giving one to "Open Air Trail Rides." Located in Belfair, WA, this is an authentic, family-owned business that promises to provide a "real" horsemanship experience.   All their wonderful horses are family owned, cherished and well cared for, being family members themselves. =) If you love horses, know someone who does, or just want to try something new and outdoorsy, this is the best of the best. You will be trekking over one of the most gorgeous landscapes in the Northwest. Venturing fourth on noble steeds, you will eat lunch by a lake, take photographs, and maybe get splashed by some playful horses in flank deep waters.  Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned pro, Jamey and Jeniece (owners, lunch partners, teachers, saddle strap perfectionists, photographers, and tour guides) will accommodate you with an experience that will be comfortable and memorable.  
             My experience was nothing less than spectacular (regardless of how many bruises I had thing morning).  I have had the privilege of being able to ride most of my childhood and adult life, and, since my horses are in California with my parents (God Bless you Mom and Dad, when I become a professional yelp reviewer and make my millions, I'll pay you back for all that hay someday!), I was eager to get into the saddle again.  J & J introduced all of their horses to us, reviewed their history (and ours) and picked out our horses in accordance with our experience levels.  They educated us on handling horses, grooming, and specific riding technique.  As Jamey told me on the phone, this is no "walk up and down the beach Ocean Shores ride." Never has a trail ride been so intense, satisfying and peaceful.  These guys know the trail like the back of their hands. While they navigated through NorthWestern terrain, I had all the time in the world to enjoy the scenery, my horse, and the company.  In fact, the most difficult part about the whole day was trying to decide if I should pretend to be an Indian Princess or an Elven one.
         After the ride was over (AND after meeting their other family members, horses, goats, dogs, alpacas, pigs) I was already planning my next trip in my head.  It was the best money I had spent all year (Might I add...WAY affordable for the experience and knowledge you'll get).  I came home relaxed and content.  I went to bed, calm and peaceful.  I woke up, sore, bruised and a little bow legged.  But I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!  Oh, wait, I'm already planning on it =)

Desiree  06-2012

Hi guys, My apologies for our late reply but landing back in China has been quite eventful and daily life priorities have taken over together with jet lag which has made our nights miserable. After a week back and while we're still recovering allow me to share our impressions with you to share further with potential ridders. Feel free to share my email address as I'm very happy to recommend you to anybody who might enquire with us.

Once again I want to thank you for providing such amazing ridding experience for us and taking us off the regular ridding trails. From meeting you to getting ready meeting the horses and setting them up for ridding the whole experience has really left an amazing memory on all of us. While Constance, our 11 years and a rather experienced ridder is relentless on her amazing memories with your horses and with you I cannot help but thanking you enough for making this happen. After almost 20 years not ridding I was very anxious. from taking charge with our individual rides to getting ready in the corral you gave us so many details it was all crystal clear. The little apprehension we had before ridding out faded away as the horses gently followed our commands. From the first time to started to gallop i felt it was the end of my life until I realized that it was so easy and felt ashamed of myself for feeling any fear. The horses are so gentle I would entrust them with my girlfriend who did not even dare to ride with us. Our 11 years old keeps mentioning how great fun it was to ride and gallop along such friendly horses. We'll definitely be back in the area shortly and will definitely come see you guys again. Constance has been so accustomed ridding the old fashioned way that she got bored with it. Ridding with you guys gave her back the passion and belief that there is more to it than just ridding horses in enclosed areas, As for myself, after 20 years away from horses, I've had a a great time ridding safely Lacota across forest, bushes and water! 
Thank you for allowing us to experience the "wild west" under such short notice and so early in the season.
Look us up shall you visit China at any time!
Thank you again for everything
Jean Zimmermann   May 2012

Jamey & Jeniece
Thank you so much for the ride this past weekend. As you know we are not expert riders but you helped us feel comfortable and gave us the most memorable experience, we still can't stop telling people about it. Not only have you sparked my eleven year olds love for riding again but you have also shown my husband why riding is so enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and personalize the ride from which horse each one of us would work well with to what type of experience we were looking for...... walking, running, etc.. We couldn't of asked for a better day!!!!
Thank you again,
Alan, Kim, & Haleigh
April 2012


Dear Jamey and Jeniece, 
So I must say that I don't think I have ever had so much fun growing both sore and tired before.  Thank you so much for a great day out with my daughter.  She slept all the way home.  I could have come home and slept through the night!  The horses were wonderful and your obvious care for them shines through their personalities. Every bit of the day from caring for the horses when we arrived to running down the trail home exceeded my expectations.  Thanks again and we hope to come out and see you again soon!
Tiffany and Ilaria (6/25/2011)

Thank you Open Air Trail Rides for an awesome and memorable experience. After searching numerous local sites for my 8 year old daughter and I to have a good time together, I chose you. You were very personable and made us feel very comfortable. This was an awesome first time horseback riding experience for my daughter. We learned so much about the horses and enjoyed the ride. Once again, Thank you and we will definitely be seeing you guys again.
Will Trost (06/14/2011

I LOVED my experience with Jamey and Jeniece!! I called them looking for a place to surprise my girlfriend, who loves horses, with a ring and ask her to marry me. I didn't really know what I wanted besides a lake to propose next to and Jamey was so happy for me and immediately came up with an excellent plan to have me and my photographer show up early and ride out before my girlfriend and her sister showed up.  From the first time I talked to him on the phone to the moment I left Jamey was helpful and bent over backwards for me to make sure that day was special for me and her! The surprise went off without a hitch and we are got married on 12/18/2010!! I would strongly recommend Open Air Trail Rides to anyone looking for a fun time on some nice horses, with some great knowledgeable guides! As for me and my wife we will be coming back again and again! 

Thank you Jamie you were truly amazing that day I came out to your house and I am so sorry that I never sent this email until now. Have a great summer of rides :) 
Your friends,
Douglas and Stephanie Larsen

Hi Jamey and Jeniece!
Thank you so much for the pictures, it's so great of you to take these since it's rather difficult to take photos ourselves while riding! We had such an amazing time with you. We loved that we had an opportunity to get to know the horses a bit before heading out on the trail. This was by far the best trail ride I have ever been on (and I have been on many!). Running the horses down the trails, jumping logs, and playing in the water were incredible and exhilarating, while still keeping our beginner riders comfortable and having fun. This ride was perfect for all three of our group, from absolute beginner to intermediate riders. Even with our different levels of riding experience and skill, we all had the best time. Not only was this ride the hands-down most fun, it was also an unbelievable value. We couldn't believe that we could have so much fun at such a great price! An easy, hour and a half drive from Seattle for an incredible experience. Thank you both so much for an awesome day! We've told all out friends about you and what a great time we had, and I'm sure we'll be seeing you again soon!
- Jen, Tony, and Aaron / May 2011

We went on a trail ride on May 29, 2011.  The weather was perfect and it was the most fun we have had in a long time.  We started out getting to know Sid, Lakoda, and the doggies too.  We brushed them and helped saddle them.  Then, we rode around the pen for a little bit until we went out on the trails.  We were able to gallop and splash in the lake with the horses.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful and Jamey and Jeniece were the best guides ever.  When we came back after a full wonderful day of riding, we were able to meet all of the rest of the animal family including a deer named Bailey and a pig named Elvis.  It was a magical experience. This was my birthday present and was one of the best presents I have ever had.  We are definitely coming back.  We have been telling our friends about it too and they have had fun looking at the pictures on the website, especially the splashing horses!
Jamey and Jeniece, thank you so much for a wonderful day and the fantastic pictures. You took such good care of us.  We can’t wait to come back!
Cheryl and Rick

Me and my party of 4 were very happy about our horses that we got to ride. When you get there you get to meet the horses and learn a little about each horse. Then you get to brush them, then put all their gear on (saddle and bridle). Then you get to get the feel of your horse by riding it in the coral. And after that you have to put all your water and lunch or what ever you brought and put it in the little bags that hook on the back of the saddle. Then you go out to the trails. I myself think that the horses were exquisite and they always want to please you . But every now and then they give you some attitude but all you have to do is give a little attitude back, and its almost like your saying “hey I'm the boss and your not going to ride me I'm going to ride you”. At the Open Air Trail Rides you get the best guides, well I guess you would call them the best teachers, especially for first time riders, and the people there pretty much treat you like family they are just the most sweetest people. And it felt so cool when you are running down a straight away, and you really do get to feel how powerful your horse is. All the trails you go on they have the most beautiful scenery, not to mention the wild life there, like owls and chipmunks and a lot of other cool animals. And I plan on coming back very soon most definitely.
Jessica Berry
August 21st 2010

Thank you for such a great riding experience!  Sid and Lakotah was the perfect match for Amanda and me.  
When I first heard we were going to run the horse’s I will admit I was terrified!!  I had never been on a horse while it was running lol. Lakotah took such good care of me after the first run I was excited for more!  
Amanda is looking forward to coming back out to ride again. This was her best birthday present ever!!!
We had a great time!!
Thanks so much,
Kimberly & Amanda
August 15th 2010


Thanks for the great ride on Sunday. Sharon and I have been on several different rides in the past year and this was the best by far! Helping prepare the horses is a good way to let horse and rider get to know one another. We really liked the variety of trails. The scenery was beautiful! It was fun to wade the horses across the water and to see Lakota enjoy it and splash around! It was a real treat to be able to gallop the horses off and on throughout the day. The pacing of the ride was good and allowed both horse and rider to have a lengthy ride without getting too tired!
We will be sure to come back again soon!
Dave Jacobs
Shoreline, WA
August 2nd 2010


Our party of four arrived at the ranch of Jamie and Janise, prepared for an day of animal/people/nature bonding and were not disappointed. The day started with heartfelt greetings by animals and true animal lovers. The whole family intent on showing us warm western hospitality. We were introduced personally to each of the gorgeous horses, then encouraged to introduce ourselves to Jamie, our guide, so that we were matched with the horse who best fit our abilities. Novice that I was, I was matched with sweet, gentle, Nada, Jeff rode energetic Gem, Sharon had clever Sid and Dave had majestic Lakota. Our trail took us through beautiful forests and lakes where we enjoyed the peace of the forest and views of the Olympics, all atop these incredible creatures, giving you a whole different perspective of nature in her majestic beauty. All the while, Jamie's guidance, commentary and information highlighting the experience. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for an opportunity to connect with friends and nature. Also, take carrots and cut apples to share with the animals, they'll love you for it and it's a small gesture to repay them for the joy they share with you and may you ride in beauty.
Susan Petrossian &  Jeff Rogge
August 2nd 2010


Jamey and Jeniece,
We had an amazing time with you guys. It was way more than worth it. You guys gave us a full experience with the horses, and we loved meeting all of your four-legged family members. It was something we would never be able to do somewhere else. Both of you were extremely friendly and patient. We really appreciate all of your hospitality at your home. None of us think that we will be able to go horseback riding with anyone else because we will always have you guys to compare it to. We are already planning our next visit.
Thank you so much,
Jason, Christa, and Candy
July 30th, 2010

Hi Jamey and Jeniece,
I would like to thank you again for accommodating the four of us on Sunday, and providing us with such a great experience. My mother was extremely pleased with her birthday gift of a trail ride, and the rest of us felt like we were celebrating our birthdays, too!In our party of four, ranging in age from 15-54 and from inexperienced to semi- and fully-experienced, we each felt our needs were perfectly accommodated with the horses we'd been assigned. We found the horses to be well-behaved (yet spirited and healthy, unlike many trail riding horses such as at Ocean Shores), the trail was in the middle of a beautiful, pristine forest, and we were allowed to go at our own pace, so it was nice to not feel rushed. However, by the end of the 5+ hours, we definitely felt we'd gotten our money's worth and were ready to get back on solid ground! I highly recommend this trail ride to anyone who likes horses or just trying new adventures. Thanks again for the very special, therapeutic experience! – Angie
July 11, 2010

Thanks so much for sending the photos - I just got them and we've had so much fun looking at them. I can't tell you how much the day we spent with you meant to us. Elaina has been asking for so long to be able to ride a horse by herself and all my efforts at making that happen have failed until I found you. Whenever I tell someone she is 5 they immediately say she is too young to ride by herself. Thank you so much for giving her the chance to feel competent. Her confidence has blossomed in the last few days and I believe the ride gave her something she has been needing for some time. It was better than I could ever have imagined for her and for me as well. The ride was so beautiful and we really felt as if we were part of the ride and not just tourists or clients. It felt like we were riding with friends. We fell in love with your horses and their unique personalities and all of your other wonderful animals, as well as the area and the freedom of riding in the open air. Elaina was asleep before we got to the main road and slept all the way home. The first thing she said on waking up was, "When it's morning can we go back?" Thank you so much for your generous offer to come back and ride. We will certainly be taking you up on it. If Elaina had her way she'd just move in. I am going to be recommending you to anyone and everyone I can and we can't wait to come back. I couldn't figure out how to put this on the web page so I'm assuming you can just cut and paste from this email. If not, let me know what I need to do or if there is anything else I can do to help. You are both incredible and we will always remember and cherish our experience with you and very much look forward to seeing you again.
Rebecca and Elaina June 28th, 2010


June 5th, 2010
Dear Jamey and Jeniece,
We can't thank you enough for the amazing experience. We have had some awesome anniversaries, but this one was the best ever. You made us feel both welcome and comfortable from the get-go. We didn't feel like we were just another business transaction, we felt like you were friends. We love how you helped us build our relationship with the horses before riding them by showing us how to brush the horses, clean the hooves, and saddle them. Your horses are so beautiful and well-cared for. We loved getting to see the fun personalities each horse had. The trails were amazing. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. Even though we were beginners, you made us feel very confident. We were a little scared about running on the horses, but with your instruction, we were able to do it and absoutely loved it! You were great about answering and explaining any questions we had. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone who is interested in an incredible horseback riding experience. I know that we will be coming back as well! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Martin and Amy VanderDoes


May 26, 2010
Dear Jamey and Jeniece,
I want to join your growing ranks of satisfied customers-- but I feel so much more than a "customer".  I feel like I have made two wonderful new friends, and I am part of a family of horselovers  and people who appreciate the opportunity to be able to ride in the OPEN AIR!!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!!  I just can't say enough, about how satisfied I am.  You were timely in responding to my inquiry, and helpful and informative with your information as to what to expect.  As a beginner rider, I felt assured that I had signed on with professional, competent, and courteous people.I loved the prep time in the round pen, and the way you taught me to brush the horse, saddle him, and time to practice the working commands before we went out on the trails.Lakota is a wonderful, gentle, and sure-footed friend.  Just perfect for someone like me.  He sure put up with a lot of my early mistakes and nervousness.  I love his size, and his smooth gait too.  All your horses are healthy, and well cared for.  Thank you for pairing me with the perfect mount! We had a great time on the fabulous trails we were on.  Best trails  I think there could be to ride on in this area.  Great little lakes, and beautiful scenery!  I really love that we were given the opportunity to walk, trot, canter, and even gallop during the parts of the ride.  You are unique to provide this experience, because in all my years of living here (since 1965), I believe you are the only ones to provide a day long ride and the opportunity for a beginner to experience how to trot and canter. Thank you again.  all of this just describes how the horses, the ride, and the scenery was.  It doesn't even begin to describe how wonderful you two are, how caring, knowledgeable, and NICE you guys are, and how welcome you make us feel, and how much fun we have. 
 We will be back!!
Linda Hendricks
Bremerton, Washington

Hi All,
Thank you so much for taking us on the ride this past Sunday. It was by far the best trail experience I have ever had. The trail was beautiful and the horses were a ton of fun. Sid was a blast. I know my friend Linda had a great time as she was not experienced and did not know what to expect. I will definitely be returning with my fiance and most likely wtih others in the near future.
Kelly Whaley 05-25-2010

I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing me to come up and meet the 4 legged family. I had an outstanding time and would like to come up and ride again. Next time I come I plan to bring my son  to ride Nada. I fully intend to let others know about you guys. Anyone interested in riding whether they are experienced or not will find it to be worth the trip out. 
Scratch Lakotas head for me, and I'll talk to you later.
 Thanks again Jamey
 Danyiel  (April 22nd 2010)

Hey Jamey,
I have ridden at many places and different types of horsey environments, and yours was the best. I had so much fun. My friends and I had a blast and we will be doing it again. It is great that you are so in tune with the trails and let the riders know what is coming up. Also you can go your own pace, so an experienced rider doesn't have to just walk. Most places you get to walk and that's it. I give you five stars!!! You'll be hearing from me again to plan our next trip out!
-Cecili (April 15 2010


We had such a wonderful day on our ride yesterday!  Our daughter really wanted to go horseback riding for Spring Break.  We found Open Air Trail Rides just browsing the internet and boy are we glad we did.  We had so much fun with our guide, Jamey, as he lead us on a fantastic ride through the forest.  We even got to cross water and climb hills, trot, gallop and run with the horses.  They take extra care in learning about your riding experience so they can match you to the perfect horse.  Their horses are very well cared for and they have fun and unique personalities. This is not your typical trail ride where you "follow the leader".  The family who runs the business really makes you feel special and you can tell how important it is for them to make sure you enjoy the whole experience.  We will be recommending them to all of our friends and family.  We can't wait to go back!
You'll also have lots of fun meeting all of their dogs and pot bellied pig, Elvis. :)
Ken,  April 1st, 2010 

Dear Jamey and Jeniece,
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! You made my first time on a horse very easy and enjoyable. It was the perfect birthday gift for my girlfriend and the birthday balloons were such a thoughtful touch! The horses were very well trained and Jamey, you were a wonderful teacher. This ride was worth every penny and then some! Hopefully, Sherilyn and I will be riding with you again soon!
Thank you again!
John, March 27, 2010

Hi Jamey and Jeniece,
I had so much fun on the trail ride. Your horses are so well trained and fun to ride! Even being such an inexperience rider, I really felt comfortable around all the horses! The trail was beautiful and I felt very safe and comfortable. Thank you for all the helpful tips and just making it so much fun! If I ever go trail riding again, it will most likely be here, because I can't think of any place that could do it better.
Thank you,
March 21st, 2010

Hi Jamey and Jeniece,
   Thank you for the horse ride. It was the best trail ride I've been on. The ride was tailored to my riding ability.  It was so much fun. I really enjoyed getting the chance to let the horses run. It was so good to get on a horse again after four years of not riding. Beautiful trails and a gorgeous lake. If I go riding again, I will definitely be sure to go there again. Thank you very much!  :)
(March 21, 2010)

Hi Jamey and Jeniece,
Thank you so much for the great day of riding. We had such a fun time. It was the best trail ride I have ever been on. Everything was so relaxed and the pace we kept was an absolute blast. The horses personalities were match perfectly to the riders. I cannot imagine finding a better place to satisfy my desire for a good ride. Next time I want to go horseback riding I won't even consider going anywhere else. You and your horses are the best. Thank you so much!
Katie , March 20th 2010


Hi Jamey and Jeniece! I came across your email while cleaning out my inbox. I'm sorry I didn't get to it sooner. I wanted to tell you that I had the best time ever on the trail ride! I am definitely coming back for my birthday in February. :) Please feel free to quote me on anything I say, I just can't say enough! I felt like family, and one thing that was just incredible was the horses' personalities; and quirks. A horse is not a horse unless it has some sillies, I think. All the other trail rides I've ever been on were as if they were not their own, just following the next tail. But Syd was one of the most amazing horses I ever rode. His personality was just awesome, and I would count myself really lucky if I could have a horse just like him someday.  I would come back to Open Air Trail Rides every day if I could, and I will be back every season if not more often from now on. :)
Thanks again,
~Caylee Bammer~ JAN 2010

Dear Jamey and Jeniece,
Thank you again for the wonderful ride! It was the best birthday present ever for my husband. He can't stop talking about the horses, Lakota and Sid. He had SO much fun galloping and exploring the "Lord of the Rings" trails, and he has been telling EVERYONE about it! I am thrilled. Since it was his first time on a real ride, I wasn't sure how he would react, but he absolutely loved the horses and the exciting ride. Jamey was the perfect host and told Chris just what he needed to know to bond with his horse. It had been about 6 years since I had been on a horse myself, so the pacing was just right for me. I was glad to have a chance to get to know Sid in the round pen, and brush and saddle him. The trails were just beautiful, and we both loved the chance to view the scenery, and then to trot and gallop as soon as we were ready! Lakota was very gentle and sweet, and lots of fun to gallop on. Sid was also very cooperative, and made us laugh with his goofy personality. We loved meeting all the puppies, Elvis the pig, and the mouse. Jamey, Jeniece and the animals are all so friendly. Our day was amazing, and we'll be talking about it for a long time. We'll be back as soon as we can - probably in the spring!
Thanks again!
Juniper and Chris Kistner (Sept. 2009)

Jamey and Jeniece Thank you for the great trail ride today.  My two friends and I were a little rusty on the riding but you made us feel right at home.  The horses were willing and sure footed and the scenery was fantastic.   Jamey, you are a great trail master and it's obvious you enjoy riding and that you and Jeniece really care for your horses. We look forward to riding with you again.  I would highly recommend that anyone wanting a wonderful trail riding experience should contact you.  Debbie K September 2009
Jamey and Jeniece,

Erica and I wanted to take a moment to pass on our appreciation for a phenomenal ride on Saturday, and a quick illustration for those who might visit your site - To those of you who aren’t sure whether you want a leisurely trail ride for novice riders, or a more advanced, adventurous ride for the experienced rider, this is a place where your ride is tailored to fit your specific level. As experienced riders who have not ridden for a while, Jamey and Jeniece were excellent in making us feel comfortable with the horses by including us in the prep and saddling of Sid and Lakota prior to the ride. They also had a great knack for making us feel like friends of the family.  Jamey is a first-rate guide and outstanding mentor who made our experience more then we could have anticipated. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with this trip because she had as of late mentioned riding, but did not want to just “trail ride”.  Jamey was terrific; he helped to plan a unique day-trip for the two of us that she thoroughly enjoyed.  This was like no other experience you will acquire in Washington. We were able to run the entire gambit, walk, canter, trot run and gallop at our pace, as it is their belief to allow the horses to be horses, so that individual riders can interact with the animals based on their comfort and skill level. It was fantastic! The scenery, fun stories and Zoe only added to such a wonderful and great day. Erica can’t wait to come up with her girlfriend for an all-girl ride with Jeniece.
Thanks again,
Charles and Erica August 22nd. 2009

 Dear Jamey and Jeniece,Thank you so much for a lovely day in your world. We all felt like part of the extended family of people, horses, dogs, chickens, a pig and a mouse. Making us feel so welcome and so at home is really a wonderful quality and not one I would usually associate with going for a trail ride. Your attention to my nieces, both in preparing the horses and on the trail, was also very special and not what I would think of as standard fare. They blossomed under your tutelage, encouragement and general gentleness. Thank you for that. Their Mom mentioned that a half-hour riding lesson in their home town costs $45 and they spend the whole lesson being led in a pen. So this day with you was really great value, not only monetarily but also for their sense of accomplishment and achievement. Thank you for that as well. I have already highly recommended you to friends and other family. 
 We took a ton of pictures and I've never been a very good photo editor, so I will send you a dozen or so spread over a few e-mails and you can choose what you want. 
Thank you again for a day we'll all always fondly remember. 
 Warm regards,
Rachel August 19th 2009


Just wanted you to know that Krissy is so happy with her lesson today.  So am I!  It was really nice to meet you both and I look forward to the next time.  I'd like to set something up for another Wednesday, not next week but the week after if it works for you.
 Thanks again,
Janelle August 12th 2009

Thank you for a great riding experience for our daughter Rose. She loved being able to prepare and take care of her horse, the horses were well behaved, and both my daughter and wife really enjoyed being able to let the horses run. It's clear that the animals are well taken care of also. We would heartily recommend your riding service to anyone!
Carl Albrecht July 2009

   I thoroughly enjoyed Open Air Trail Rides!  I found the experience of a full day ride worth the view of the various landscapes. I found that the folks heading up this trail ride wonderful and sincere. During our ride, our comfort, pleasure and saftey was always a constant concern. There was plenty of adverse terrain to navigate and plenty of rich views to take in . Plenty of opportunity for rest and always up to us to assess our level of endurance. Jamey, our trail master, was always a gentleman and caring facilitator. I enjoyed the fact that we could tack up our horses or have them prepped and if the gear was not satisfactory it was changed out. I liked that we could warm up in the round pen and get acquainted with our other tour guide for the day, the horse! It is always best to bond with your "steed".  Though I do not use a cell phone, I do like that from time to time, Jamey was always checking in with Janiece as to our whereabouts and progress. He knew his trails and he knows his mounts and it seemed to me that everyone was a great match, horse and rider. It is always important to be honest about one's level of riding experience for then one is assured a pleasurable experience befitting of horse and guest ; such will always lead to an  invitation for more rides with Open Air Trail Rides. Yes I will return. Thank You Jamey and Janiece, we are a group of four happy riders! Some of us may be sore from being out of shape, but we will return!
Pamela Roberts-Aue 5 / 2009
Thanks so much! They (pictures) look awesome.


Dezi and I are already making plans to come up again sometime. We had such a blast! It's been a while since the two of us have been able to just get out and not worry so much about how crazy our horses will act. (And Dezi really liked Gem - she likes the spirited horses, while I prefer the okay-let's-go geldings.) Jeniece is right, I must say! Nothing better than a gelding! LOL I will have to send these pics off to the others; thanks again!
I'll email you sometime later this month, maybe we can work something out!
Merissa May 2009

We had a GREAT day! What a Father's Day gift to spend a beautiful day out in the fresh air riding the trails as a family. We are looking forward to riding again especially in the fall as the trees change in color. Thanks again see you soon!
Brenda June 2009

Jamie and Jeniece:
Totally awesome ride!!  I had a blast and it was so much better than any other place that i have ridden, (Nevada, Oregon, California).  You are on to something there, and you were a great "wrangler".  Don't let the bulls get the best of you in your up coming rides at the rodeo's.  God Bless you both in all you do,
Paul B Brown
June 2009

Jamie ,
This was a fathers day gift to me from my girlfriend and her son, and what a great day it was.  The horses were good and not a  problem, (Gem excluded)!.  The way you handled things on the trail made it a joy to be there.
keep up the good work

 What a great day. The ride yesterday was the best I have had in years. I felt like I was riding with family yesterday. The horses were great and the trails were awesome. I will be back soon. Thanks for a Great trip.
Tom Thomas, July 20, 2009