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Horsemanship is a way of life where we have learned that there are people who love horses and there are horse people, we are the latter. My bride (Jeniece) and I have spent a good part of our life with and around horses (and animals).  Our horses are not just our pets but part of our family. Each horse that is available to ride is a horse that belongs to and is regularly ridden by a member of our family.  Lena, my lead horse and I  provide a experience where you can be assured that your time will be not only enjoyable but safe.

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Scheduling THE MOST UNIQUE AND PERSONAL RIDE EVER! Everything you need is provided, you will enjoy everything from getting your horse prep'd and saddled for the ride to grooming and cool down afterwards. The day starts in the morning hours with brushing and saddling your horses then we head out for apprx. 3  hours of riding, ending the day around 4:00 in the afternoon.  All rides are by appointment only and only a limited number of people per ride to maximize the experience.  For beginners we have a 60' round pen where you can learn the basics about a horse and the riding experience.  We offer rides year round and have over 50 years of combined riding experience and horsemanship with over 30 miles of trails consisting of many different terrains.
Use the calendar page   to find an available date  contact us with the date you want to ride The number of people you want to ride (3 people maximum)The approximate height and weight of each person Provide a contact phone number

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