BREED: Quarter-horse
Our lead girl, all work and no play... but gets the job done and done well. My little firecracker on 4 legs

What the "other" places will not tell you about the horse riding experience:

Both experienced and novice riders have all heard the terms dead broke and bomb proof when referring to horses. These are horses that are supposed to be so trained that no matter what they experience on the trail they will never spook, side-jump, startle, or scare.  The fact is; this is simply not true. Horses are intelligent and emotionally aware animals that respond to life situations very much they way we do. Regardless of training and experience on the trail with the owner and/or rider, they can react to unknown situations the same that we can.  Fear, panic and surprise are all natural reactions to unknown situations that a horse may experience.  It is because of these natural reactions that can occur in a horse that we spend specific time working with you and the horse you choose to ride developing a sense of trust and balance between rider and horse before you we ever hit the trails.  You will begin your ride knowing about your horses personality and with your horse already developing that needed trust and respect in you as the dominant party in the horse & rider relationship.  This simple relationship factor will make the entire experience all the better

BREED: Arab/Mustang
Our stubborn female, smooth and with just enough attitude and speed to make for a full adventure.  Gem is a sweetheart with wheels.
BREED: Paint
His papered name Jesse James just didn't fit this fun and quirky Paint. A favorite for the kids and adults alike and known to eat just about any snack.

Our Wonderful Team Of Horses