Girl #3 Will be starting her adventures with Holly & Kyle

Girl #1 Black and White female- AVAILABLE

Boy #5  ADOPTED Heading to Oregon to ride horses with Ray

Girl #2  ADOPTED Found her loving home with Matt & Carrie

Boy #4  ADOPTED Heading home with Andrew & Anna

Boy #2  Headed south with Rudy and son.. 

Girl #4 ADOPTED  Headed south  with Ashley and her boys.. 

Boy #1 ADOPTED Found his home with Janelynn & Jacob

Boy #3 ADOPTED  "Finnigan" is heading out with Rose and Tiffany

Mobile users - picture will say ADOPTED  if the puppy has been adopted

Girl #5 ADOPTED Going to be getting cuddles from Caroline and  Nick

Aussie/Collie Puppies Luna's Litter 2020  
 Adoption fee:  850.00

Please read all the information.. 
All Our Puppies are Vet checked, 6&8 week Vaccinations and 6&8 week worming, additionally we provide the option to return with your puppy for their 3rd Vaccination and worming to insure they are ready for the world. Puppies are raised on a Grain Free diet and both parents are onsite. 

  We spend a lot of time working with them and it shows. Our puppies are very socialized, both in how they are cared for and in the puppies’ attitudes and temperament’s. They speak for themselves. You won’t be Disappointed.
Whelped on Dec. 12th  - Take home FEB. 8th 2020 

 All puppies will be listed below, puppies already Adopted will show as  Adopted and puppies still available will show as AVAILABLE 

    This very intelligent and active breed provides a well rounded, smart and easy to train family member. No health issues, Personality and temperament are the most important to us and that’s what we get.. Contact us via email for more info